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A great idea for instead of cut flowers- use a potted plant for your events then it can later be planted in your yard to enjoy for years to come!

Check out some my favorite crafts and home projects on pinterest  - Shelley Carson-Texas Garden Girl 

Easter Fun!

My Sister-in- law created this amazing rabbit  for our family Easter dinner at the farm. Here are few of my favorite decor ideas for Easter. 

Created some fun red, white and blue planters for Gainesville Tx Medal Host City events in April. Love to add flags and red berries to my bird houses. I also dressed up my pots with ribbons and flags. I have some amazing yard Ideas for every occasion on my pinterest pages as well. We will be showing you how to create  an amazing planters for your secret garden.  

We will giving away an amazing planter for one of our fans!

Help like and share our North Texas Talk facebook and website N-TXTALK.COM for a chance to win an amazing planter. Tune in Wednesday  at 1:00 for our first garden girl show.   

Easter Decor and Memories 

      These are two of my favorite Easter spots..... First our cottage house is surrounded by beauty with the Iris patch planted with love by my wonderful husband. My Back porch looks out over 2 beautiful lotts and is a great spot where I once enjoyed the company of my late friend Peggy Case. She would stop in for a quick cup of coffee and a bit of gossip.  The table on my back porch is dressed with a family quilt and some fresh flowers from a dear friend. Easter is always a great time for back porch talk to enjoy with close friends.              My second fun spot is Tom's Family farm. My sister -in law always goes above and beyond.... She has everything done up right, with wonderful food and her home is gorgeous. The group varies from year to year but I always enjoy seeing our family take time out to celebrate our Lord and savior together. My late father -in- law left a wonder legacy as a cattle rancher and the farm is a beautiful place to remember him and all that he was to our family.         

Coming soon our live   Texas Garden Girl Show